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BackBeat Sound Design is here to help with any and all of your sound related needs.

Whether you're looking to record an album/demo/single, make a jingle for your business,

do some voiceover work for a commercial, have an old album re-mastered, or anything

else in the audio realm, BackBeat Sound Design wants to be a part of it.


We can manage your entire project from pre-planning to distribution and everywhere in

between, or play a smaller role – we're happy to serve in any way you need!

Below you'll find some, but not all, of the services that we specialize in.

For the best value, check out our Packaged Deals that combine multiple services into one flat rate!



Recording / Engineering

Do you have a song, instrument, vocal, or sound you want to record as a demo, album, radio spot, or something else?


We’ll use our collection of high grade equipment to carefully capture that sound at the highest quality.

Recording/Engineering is the process of taking a sound and recording it into a digital

project file while ensuring it’s captured at the best possible quality.

Rates for Recording / Engineering


Do you have a song or audio file that you’ve recorded either with BackBeat, with another studio, or at home?


We’ll listen with highly trained ears, make adjustments to highlight the best, and turn it into a sonically pleasing masterpiece.


Mixing is the process of editing, adjusting, EQing, panning, balancing, and using other tools to turn a recording into a final mix. Mixing takes a rough collection of recorded instruments/vocals and creates a mastering-ready finished product.

Rates for Mixing

Sound Design / Producing

Do you have a song you want to record, but you're not sure how to piece it all together?


Maybe you only have the basics worked out, or you're not sure what kind of electric guitar it needs,

what type of drum beat to use, or how a symphony string arrangement could add emotional depth.

Let us take the creative lead on your project, design your signature sound, and make it into a beautiful work of art.

Sound Design or Producing is the process of taking a song from its basic, root structure and creating

the full array of instrumentation that blends together to create the final mix.

Rates for Sound Design / Producing


Do you have a final mix from BackBeat or another studio that needs that final polish before release?


Let us put the finishing touches on your music and get it ready to go to the radio airwaves,

carve out it’s spot on a CD, and hit the digitial distribution path.

Mastering is the process of taking a final mix and applying the EQ, volume balancing, stereo

widening, and compression needed to bring a song to industry standard volume and sound.

Mastering is how you achieve that radio-ready power and punch that professional recordings need.

Rates for Mastering

Songwriting / Composing

Do you have lyrics and a melody, or maybe just lyrics, but don’t know how to put it to music?

Let us fill in the musical side and help turn it into a complete song!

Or maybe you just have an amazing voice and need a song to sing - We’ll write one for you!

Songwriting/Composing is any part of the process of creating the basic structure of a song,

from lyrics to melody to chord progression and beyond.

Member of the Nashville Songwriters Association

Rates for Songwriting / Composing

Beat Making and Production

Do you need a powerful backing beat for your rap or hip-hop song?

Let us provide one for you. We’ll make it hard hitting and crisp with plenty of booming bass.

Loud and proud is our mindset when we’re building beats!

Rates for Beat Making and Production

Re-Mixing / Re-Mastering

Do you have an old album that needs to be brought up to today’s sound standards?

Or maybe you’re not happy with a final mix that someone else did for you?

Let us start from scratch with the mixing and mastering process, running everything through

our top notch tools to clean it up and give you just the sound you’re looking for.

Contact Us to hear "before and after" samples of re-mixing/re-mastering work that we’ve done.

Rates for Re-Mixing / Re-Mastering

Voice Overs

Do you need spoken vocals recorded for an audio book, presentation, video, commercial, or radio spot?

Come see us to ensure you get the best, professional quality using our high grade microphones.

Although music production makes up the majority of our business, Voice Overs

and other types of recordings are also welcome at BackBeat. If you need it, we’re here to help!

Rates for Voice Overs


Do you need something musical and catchy to help promote your business or event?

Let us put your signature catchphrase to music, or we can develop something brand new just for you.

Jingles are short, exceptionally catchy songs generally used for advertising purposes.

We’d love to write one for you, or if you already have one written, we’re happy to record it!

Rates for Jingles

Graphic Design

Is your song or album ready to release, but you don't have an album cover/artwork?


Save yourself the hassle of hiring someone else that will probably charge you more...

Let us make you a killer album cover!

Outside of the audio realm, BackBeat also specializes in album artwork style

graphic design, and offers professional photo shoot services.

Rates for Graphic Design

Distribution and Marketing

Is your song or album ready to release, but you’re not sure how to get it “out there” for the world to hear?


Avoid the headaches of coordinating disc printing, digital distribution, copyright filing,

and more by letting us handle everything for you. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

BackBeat also provides website design, professional song/mix critiques, and artist development services.

Rates for Digital Distribution

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