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BackBeat offers a variety of services from full album recording and production, to audio restoration, remixing and mastering previously recorded songs, and more.  


Don't see the service you're looking for below?  Just email us and we will do our best to meet your sound related needs. 

Please note, that we do not work on projects with explicit or degrading lyrics of any kind.

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Do you have a song, instrument, vocal, or sound you want to record as a demo, album, radio spot, or something else?


We’ll use our collection of high grade equipment to carefully capture your sound at the highest quality.

Recording/Engineering is the process of taking a sound and recording it into a digital

project file while ensuring it’s captured at the best possible quality.

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Do you have a song or audio file that you’ve recorded either with another studio, or at home?


We’ll listen with highly trained ears, make adjustments to enhance your recording, and turn it into a sonically pleasing masterpiece.


Mixing is the process of editing, adjusting, EQing, panning, balancing, and using other tools to turn a recording into a final mix. Mixing takes a rough collection of recorded instruments/vocals and creates a mastering-ready finished


Recording & Mixng
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Sound Design or Producing is the process of taking a song from its basic, root structure and creating the full array of instrumentation that blends together to create the final mix.

Do you have a song you want to record, but you're not sure how to piece it all together?

Let us take the creative lead on your project, design your signature sound, and make it into a beautiful work of art.

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Let us put the finishing touches on your music and get it ready for release!


Mastering is the process of bringing a final mix to industry standard volume and sound. It's how you achieve that radio-ready power and punch that professional releases need.

Visit BackBeat Sound Design's Mastering Suite for more info!

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Producing & Mastering
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Song Writing & Composing

Songwriting/Composing is any part of the process of creating the basic structure of a song, from lyrics to melody to chord progression and beyond.

Maybe you already have some lyrics and a melody, or maybe just lyrics. ​Let us fill in the musical side and help turn it into a complete song!

Or maybe you just have an amazing voice and need a song to sing - We’ll write one for you!

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Sound System Design

Need a new sound system for your office,  church, or other venue?  BackBeat can design an entire sound system around your budget.

We will talk about your needs and goals for the system, and you can have peace of mind knowing that we will design the system you actually need, not the one that costs the most.  

Contact Us directly for individual pricing. 

Writing and SS Design
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Other Services

Re-Mixing and Mastering: Let us start from scratch with the mixing and mastering process, running everything through our top notch tools to clean it up and give you just the sound you’re looking for.

Looking for a service that you don't see listed?  Just Contact Us directly to see if we can fulfill your needs! 

Audio Books

Live Sound Mixing

Graphic Design

Audio Restoration

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