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Audio services

If you have worked with others studios, you know BackBeat's rate structure is unique within the industry. Rather than charging for the actual time in the studio, we charge one flat rate per song. This allows you to know exactly what you will be spending up-front and allows us to get the best recordings possible! 

Our sound quality speaks for itself, check out some samples of our work.

Looking to record a demo, single, EP, or full album? Check out our recording packages below.

Typically used for simple acoustic demos.

Basic Package

This package includes the following basic services:


       Recording + Mixing + Mastering

       Includes 3 total tracks

            2 instruments + 1 vocal


       Simple Editing/Mixing Method with no vocal

            tuning or time corrections


       Simple Mastering Template


$150 per Song


Premiere Package

This package includes these premiere services:


       Producing + Recording + Mixing + Mastering

       Unlimited tracks 

       Sessions musicians

       Multiple studio recording sessions

       Advanced Editing/Mixing Method

       Full manual vocal tuning and time corrections

       Advanced Customized Mastering Suite

Typically used for full professional recording ready for public distribution digitally, on CD, or on the radio.

$350 per Song


Click below to download more in depth information about what each package includes.

Audio services


The process of tracking/recording instruments and/or vocals (mixing, editing, and mastering not included).

$50 per hour (2 hour minimum)

Bulk Discount - $350 per 8-Hour Day


How do our rates compare?

Similar studios charge an

hourly rate of $40-$65



Mixing and editing the raw recorded tracks from the "Recording" service, or from another source.


$150 per Song for up to 14 tracks

$200 per Song for 15+ tracks, or

songs over 5 minutes

Bulk Discount - 10% off on 10+ songs


​​How do our rates compare?

Similar studios charge hourly, with a total cost of $250-$500 per song



Taking a final mix and bringing it to industry standard volume and sound.


$30 per Song for Simple Mastering

$50 per Song for Full Premium Mastering Suite

More Info on Mastering Suite


​​How do our rates compare?

Similar studios charge $75-$200 per song for Premium Mastering


Mastering Suite.png

Coordinating a project from start to finish by creating the full array and arrangement of instrumentation and vocals that will be used in the final mix.


$50 per Song at BackBeat Sound

$200 per Song (plus travel expenses) at other studios


​​How do our rates compare?

Similar studios charge

$100-$500 per song


Sound System Design

Need a new sound system for your office,  church, or other venue?  BackBeat can design an entire sound system around your budget.


We will talk about your needs and goals for the system, and you can have peace of mind knowing that we will design the system you actually need, not the one that costs the most.  


Contact us directly for individual pricing.

Sound System Design

Taking a final mix and getting it ready for radio/CD/digital release by applying the final touches to bring it to industry standard volume and sound.

$30 per Song for Simple Mastering

$50 per Song for Full Premium Mastering Suite

​​How do our rates compare?

Similar studios charge $75-$200 per song

Live Sound

Running live sound at your event.  You provide all the sound equipment, we provide the sound engineer. 

Contact us for pricing.

Live Sound Production

Other Services
  • Audio Books

  • Rap/Hip-Hop Beats

  • Song Writing ($100 per song)

  • Jingles

  • Voice Overs

  • Audio Restoration

  • Re-Mixing Songs

  • Re-Mastering Songs

Other Services

Other services are available.

If you have audio related needs, chances are that we can help!  

Contact us directly at for quotes for other services.

Hourly rates:

$50 Per Hour

$350 Per 8-Hour Day ($50 savings)

$1,650 Per 5-Day Block ($350 savings)


non-Audio Services


Designing Album Artwork, Album Covers, or Other Projects.


Cover Artwork - $25

Full Album Artwork - $250*

*$100 off with the Premiere Package


Other Projects - Please Contact Us with the specifics of your Project and we will provide a fair and affordable quote.

Graphic Design

Digital Distribution

Coordinating the submission of audio files, artwork, and writing bios for digital distribution through all major digital music sources.


Standard Release

1 Song - $30

Album - $80


Pro Release

1 Song - $55

Album - $130 


*Prices include all vendor fees.

Digital Distribution

Making bulk copies of your CDs. This does not include any packaging or printing services.


25 CDs - $50

50 CDs - $95 

100 CDs - $185

200 CDs - $360

300 CDs - $525

500 CDs - $800

Other Quantity - Contact Us


*Includes the price of CDs.


CD Duplication


Filing for a Copyright with the United States Library of Congress to prevent song and intellectual theft.

Per Single - $100

Per EP/Album - $120

*Includes all US Library of Congress Filing Fees.


Copyright Filing

Developing a website to promote you!

$200 base rate per design project

+$40 per "page"

+$20 for annual domain registration

+$30 for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

+$50 for Mobile Optimization


Website Design

Coordinating the artwork templates, file uploads, proof approval, and printing process of physical CDs with

Per Project - $50

This does not include the physical item and service cost of printing from, ranging approximately $1-$4 per unit.

Disc Printing

Disc Printing Setup


Looking for another service?

Contact us directly at to see if we can help.

Payment Options

We understand that everyone has a unique financial situation. It's our goal to be flexible when it comes to paying for your project to ensure that you can get your music recorded on a budget that works for you.

Regardless of your financial picture, we want to make sure you can follow your musical dreams!

As a result, we offer different payment options:​

Full Payment Up Front

For the lowest out of pocket cost, pay the full balance when we start.


For a small financing charge, you can pay half of the balance when we start, and the other half when we're finished.

Need to work something else out?

Talk to us. We're reasonable. Make an offer and we'll see if we can make it work!

Looking for a Gift Certificate?

We offer gift certificates to cover any project, big or small!

Refund Policies

Refund Policy:

BackBeat Sound Design does not offer refunds for services rendered. Musical creativity is subjective with no set “right” or “wrong” way of performing sound recording and related services. Great attention and care is given to each an every project. If the Artist is unhappy with the product provided, they may request certain changes to the project and BackBeat will be happy to adjust the finished product until the Artist is satisfied. However, refunds will not be offered.


Cancellation/No-Show Policy:

When an Artist cancels a recording project or recording session on short notice, that reserved studio time generally cannot be re-booked. To change or cancel recording sessions, please provide notice at least 48 hours before the scheduled start of that session. In the event that a recording session is cancelled without 48 hours advanced notice, or the customer does not appear within 15 minutes of a scheduled recording session, BackBeat Sound Design reserves the right to charge a $30 cancelled session fee. In the event that a contracted recording project is cancelled without 48 hours advanced notice, BackBeat Sound Design reserves the right to charge 20% of the agreed upon rate for that recording project.