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BackBeat Sound Design is all about simplicity when it comes to rates.

We want you to understand EXACTLY how much you’re paying, what you're getting

in return, and what to expect thoughout the whole process.


Why are our rates lower than other professional studios?

Simply put, music is our passion. We want to see our customers succeed, not go broke!

We don't care about getting rich off of charging you millions to record with us.

We just love what we do and we work hard to ensure our overhead costs stay low,

so that we keep our rates low and affordable for our Artists.


Why Flat Rates?

Most modern recording studios charge YOU, the Artist or Musician, on an hourly basis.

If you’re working with a speedy production team, then there's a chance this can work in your favor.

But how many producers or engineers do you know that get projects or recordings done FASTER than expected? Exactly - None! So you end up paying more than you budgeted because it took more hours.


Speed in recording is rare, and it usually is not a good thing because it means your project isn’t

being handled with care and your sound isn't being developed to it's full potential. Most production

teams will tell you that a recording or mixing session will take a certain number of hours. But

inevitably something doesn't go as planned, or they underestimate the time. When it’s all said

and done, you might end up paying for twice as many hours as they estimated it would take.


Rates at BackBeat Sound Design work in YOUR favor.

Most of our projects are set up on a flat “Per Project” rate structure instead of an hourly rate.

That means you pay one set amount per song or per album, regardless of the number of hours

of work that go into the project. If it takes us three times as long as we expect to mix your project,

you still only pay that one flat rate that we agreed to. And just in case you're worried, we will never

cut corners just to save time! If BackBeat Sound Design’s name is on the project, you can rest

assured that it will be the best that we can make it, no matter how long it takes!

Why Does It Cost This Much?

We work hard to keep our rates lower than other studios, while still providing excellent sound quality. But we know the rates can be intimidating, even if they are lower than other studios. There are a number of reasons why we charge what we charge, and why we can't afford to charge a lower rate:

Cost of Equipment - The computers, equipment, electronics, software, instruments, etc. that we have are EXPENSIVE! We're not talking about a beat up laptop and a cheap microphone running through Garage Band...This is high quality gear, and high quality gear costs money!

Knowledge and Training - A lot of people think anyone could do our job if they had the same equipment. But the reality is that it's taken 15+ years of education and experience to reach the level of sound quality we can provide you with today. Simply put, there's no way an untrained person could take our equipment and get the same professional grade sound. You're paying for expertise, just like many other professional services.

Time Commitment - People think that we can throw together a full song, start to finish, in a couple of hours. The reality is that a project might take anywhere from 10-30 hours to complete. If you do the math, you can easily figure that we're sometimes making minimum wage or LESS on a job. It's tough to keep the door open and the lights on for minimum wage. We're not trying to price gouge - we put a great amount of time and effort into our projects, and we're just trying to be fairly compensated for it!

Ways To Pay

We understand that everyone has a unique financial situation. It's our goal to be flexible when it comes to paying for your project to ensure that you can get your music recorded on a budget that works for you.

Regardless of your financial picture, we want to make sure you can follow your musical dreams!

As a result, we offer different payment methods:

Full Payment Up Front

(Lowest Total Cost)

Pay the full balance when we start,

and receive a 10% discount!

50-50 Split

(Most Common)

Pay half of the balance when we start, and the other half when we're finished.

Need to work something else out?

Talk to us. We're reasonable. Make an offer and we'll see if we can make it work!

View Rates For

View Rates For

View Rates For

Not sure what Package or Service you need?

See Services for an explanation of each.

Or send us a message and ask!

Please note:

Most Artists wanting to "record a song" will require the services of Recording, Mixing, Producing, and Mastering

in order to give you the finished product and quality that you are looking for.

Each of these elements in the creation and production process work together to provide a finished

song that is ready for radio play, CD printing, or digital release.

The Premium Package is the most cost efficient and highest quality way to "record a song" from start to finish.

Refund Policy:

BackBeat Sound Design does not offer refunds for services rendered. The music industry is such that there is not a set “right” or “wrong” way of performing sound recording and related services. BackBeat puts the utmost creative effort into every Project, and the final product that results is always considered to be our absolute best work. If the Artist is unhappy with the work that BackBeat has done, they may request that BackBeat

make certain changes and BackBeat will be happy to adjust the finished product until the Artist is satisfied. However, refunds will not be offered.


Cancellation/No-Show Policy:

When an Artist cancels a recording project or recording session on short notice, that reserved studio time generally cannot be rebooked,

resulting in an unfair loss of revenue for the studio. If a customer needs to cancel a recording project or recording session, please contact
BackBeat at least 48 hours before the scheduled start time for that project or session. In the event that a recording session is cancelled

without 48 hours advanced notice, or the customer does not appear within 15 minutes of a scheduled recording time, BackBeat Sound

Design reserves the right to charge a $30 cancelled session fee. In the event that a contracted recording project is cancelled without 48

hours advanced notice, BackBeat Sound Design reserves the right to charge 20% of the agreed upon rate for a recording project.