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BackBeat Sound Design's Mastering Suite offers the sound quality and professional audio finishing that you've been searching for.

Quality mastering is what sets apart amateur and hobby recordings from professional releases. A highly trained and experienced set of ears takes your final mix and adjusts the sonic balance to match industry standards for EQ and loudness. The final product is superior quality and is ready for radio, CD, and digital release.

Not sure if you need mastering?

Check out these samples and experience the difference between an unmastered mix and a fully mastered song from BackBeat's Mastering Suite.

At BackBeat, we don't want you to have to choose between quality and cost, that's why we keep our rates for mastering low.


​Didn't record and mix with BackBeat?

No problem! We still want to work on your track.

We handle mastering for artists all around the world!

Each project is custom mastered to fit your song. That means our team actually listens to the track and understands what the song needs before starting the mastering process. The result is a sound that is fine tuned to your specific song, not just a template that turns up the volume and boosts the bass. This also means that if you're having multiple songs mastered, each one maintains its individuality, so you end up with a cohesive album full of unique songs all maintaining professional quality.

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Here's what you can expect when you work with BackBeat Sound Design's Mastering Suite:

  • Professional sound quality

  • Economical, easy to understand pricing

  • Remote mastering from anywhere in the world

  • Personal service

  • Customized sound for your song


We believe in simple pricing so you don't need to guess what the cost will be. 

Need your song finished faster?

We offer an express service to get your project done sooner!

The process and quality of the product does not change. 

Mastering Suite

$60 per Song

3 business day completion

Express Service

+$15 per Song

1 business day completion

Your final product will be a delivered via e-mail as follows:

  • Digital WAV and mp3 file

  • 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz sample rate (your choice)

  • 16 or 24 bit depth (your choice)

Other sample rates or bit depths available upon request.

What you Provide

To have your song mastered, you will need to provide a final mix meeting these specifications:

(changes to your mix cannot be made once the mastering process is completed)

  • A digital WAV file, 44.1 kHz (or above) sample rate, 24 bit depth OR a high quality mp3* file.

  • File can be in stereo or mono, but cannot have more than 2-channel audio.

  • Any and all limiters, compressors, maximizers, or equalizers on the mix bus should be removed.

  • The loudest part of the mix should peak no higher than -2 db.

*Please note that because mp3 is a lower quality file type, it will result in a lower quality final product.

To get started with BackBeat Sound Design Mastering Suite click the button below.

On your receipt you will receive a link to upload your file.

Remember, we cannot begin working on your song until we receive your file.

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