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Do you have questions? We've got answers! 

Check our FAQ's below to see if we can help. 

I'm new to recording,

what do I need to know?

Recording can be an intimidating process, but we'll do everything we can to make the process as smooth, comfortable, and fun as possible!

Download our new customer information packet so you know what to expect!

I'm new to recording,

what do I need to know?

Do I need to play an instrument?

Some of the Artists we work with play multiple instruments, some play just one instrument, and some play no instruments at all.

It doesn’t matter what instrument you play or how many instruments you play – our job is to make your music sound the best that it can, so we’re available to handle the recording of any instruments that needs to be in your song!

Do I need to play an instrument?

Can I use a cover of

someone else's song?

Yes! You can record your own version of some else’s song. However, you cannot SELL your version of the cover unless you purchase a special license to release and sell a cover song.


You are welcome to release the song for people to listen to for FREE, but if you’re planning to sell the cover or make money from it in any way, you would need to purchase that special license. The cost of the license varies per song.

Can I use a cover of someone else's song?

How long should the recording process take?

There is no one answer for this question. The time it takes depends on the complexity of your project, and the current number of projects going on in the studio. 


Purchased the Premiere Package?  You should expect your song to take approximately 4-6 weeks. We will keep you updated on the progress of your project. 


Contact Us directly to ask questions about your timeline.  

How long will recording take?

Do you offer Gift Certificates?


Give the gift that will last a lifetime. 

We offer gift certificates to cover any project, big or small!

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Do you provide

sessions musicians?

Typically we will provide all of the instrumentation you need in your final mix. BackBeat can provide a variety of common instruments, if the instrument you want isn't common, just Contact Us and we’ll see if we can work something out!


Please note, sessions musician work is INCLUDED in your project cost if you’ve hired us to produce your project. If we are NOT producing your project, musician work may involve extra costs. For more info, click here.

Do you provide session musicians?

How do I get my song out on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube, etc?

To get your music available for sale and streaming, you release your music through a digital distributor. The cost of this varies from one company to the next.


BackBeat works with

In our experience, CDBaby is the most reliable digital distribution service. We can handle the digital distribution process for you if you'd like. For more info, click here.

How do I get my songs out digitally?

How much does it cost?

Cost varies depending on what type of recording you’re looking to do. The most common service we handle for our customers is our  Premiere Package. For $400 you get all the recording, mixing, producing, and mastering your project needs.


When we're done, its ready to hit radio airwaves, go on a CD, or be released digitally, and it will meet industry standards for sound quality, EQ, and volume level.

How much does it cost?

What types of artists do

you work with?

We have worked with all types of artists, from all genres, level of experience, aspirations, etc. We just want to help you make great music!

Whatever your situation, we’re here to help you achieve your dreams and deliver the best sound that we can!


Please note, that we do not work on projects with explicit lyrics.

What types of Artists

do you work with?

Do I have to write

my own songs?

No. Many customers bring their own original music. But many of today's biggest artists buy songs from various sources and record them as their own.

BackBeat has access to a number of different resources to purchase pre-written songs, or write one for you. 

Or, if you’re new to songwriting and are stuck with a partial song, we can help you get your original composition finished and ready for recording!

Do I need to write my own songs?

Should I get a copyright

for my song?

Probably. In today's world, its important to protect your intellectual property. Securing a legal copyright is fairly inexpensive, and it guarantees your ownership rights. It's better, and much less expensive to obtain a copyright before any issues arise!


Filing for a copyright can be confusing, but BackBeat can handle the process for you if you'd like. For more info, click here.

Should I get a copyright for my song?

Why does recording

cost so much?

It's all about time and equipment.

Each project is a time commitment.

A 3 minute song typically takes 20-30 hours of work for a producer to deliver a professional product. As much as we'd love to, we can't work for free!

High quality gear means high quality sounds (when you use that gear the right way). But it also means a high price tag. We want to deliver quality,

so we've invested in great equipment!

We work hard to keep our rates low while still providing excellent sound quality. We know rates can be intimidating, so if you'd like any more info don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Why does recording cost so much?

Do I really need Mixing, Mastering, and a Producer?

Yes. Yes. Yes. 

It’s understandable that you may not be familiar with the differences between recording, mixing, and mastering (see Services for more information), or the importance of working with a quality producer. But each of these elements is critical for getting a good quality finished product.


If you only record without mixing and mastering, your song is going to sound empty, muddy, quiet, and overall unprofessional. Mixing and mastering will take your sound to a professional level. Everything will sound more full, balanced, crisp, and powerful.

A producer can help take your music to a new level. It's a producer's job to make your music sound better than you can on your own. BackBeat's Premiere Package offers this full service option covering everything you need to make your song great!​

Listen to the samples to the right for an example of the difference in sound between an un-produced recording and a produced recording, followed by the additions of mixing and mastering.

Recorded  |  Produced  |  Mixed  |  Mastered

Customer's Home Recording

Recorded  |  Produced  |  Mixed  |  Mastered

Recorded & Produced by BackBeat

Recorded  |  Produced  |  Mixed  |  Mastered

Mixed by BackBeat

Recorded  |  Produced  |  Mixed  |  Mastered

BackBeat's PREMIERE Package

Do I really need mixing, mastering, and a producer?

Please note, that we do not work on projects with explicit or degrading lyrics of any kind.

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