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Recording Studio in Chattanooga
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Our Business Model

We help musicians achieve their dreams - dreams that are too expensive at other studios.

BackBeat Sound Design was started by owner and lead producer/engineer Brent Crowe as a way

to provide professional quality sound recording at a price anyone can afford. So many musicians

have dreams of recording a major album in Nashville or Los Angeles, but the reality is that

very few will ever get the chance because it's just too expensive!

Brent wanted to find a way to bridge the gap between those million dollar dreams and the all too familiar reality of being a broke musician - to offer a place where Artists can come to get that Nashville or LA grade professional sound quality without having to pay Nashville or LA grade prices.

BackBeat Sound Design was built from the ground up with the customer in mind.

Many studios focus on quantity when it comes to equipment - stockpiling the maximum

amount of guitars, amps, microphones, etc., regardless of how often they'll actually be used

or what kind of sound quality they produce. BackBeat is built around quality - having

phenomenal equipment that we use consistently and trust deeply.

It's all about simplicity and efficiency. Our entire business was built on the mindset of

providing excellent sound quality while keeping expenses to a minimum. The result is lower

overhead costs, which we gladly pass along to our customers by charging lower rates than

other studio who produce the same sound quality. We'll get you the sound you're looking for.

We're just not going to test 60 guitar amps along the way!


Most importantly, BackBeat Sound Design is about helping artists and musicians  achieve

something they may not be able to accomplish at other studios. If you think you can’t afford to

record a full length album, we’re here to work hard and make sure it happens for you in your

price range. If you think you’ll never be able to get your music on the map, let us see what we

can do for you. You never know until you give it a shot!


About Owner and Lead Producer Brent Crowe

Brent has been a musician in one capacity or another for basically his entire life. From writing

songs on a 10-key Fisher Price toy piano at age 4 to producing professional grade albums today,

and EVERYWHERE in between, music is the BackBeat of Brent’s passions and drives.


Brent’s music career began at a very young age with classical piano lessons, but it didn’t take

long for him to branch out into guitar, bass, and drums as he served as the director of his church’s worship ministry throughout high school. His career in recording and production began at age 14, learning to produce quality results from poor quality gear such as a $10 Radio Shack microphone.

It's these experiences that shaped Brent's quality production oriented mindset of today.


Brent graduated from Greenville College in Illinois with a Bachelor of Arts degree, studying music,

music business, and sound engineering among other things. During his time at college, he also

gained vast experience from playing different instruments in numerous bands. After college,

Brent and his wife, Liz, moved to Chattanooga, TN where they now reside. After years of

pursuing music as a side career, BackBeat Sound Design has become Brent’s full time passion.


In the various musical chapters of his life, Brent has:

- written over 250 songs

- produced, recorded, and mixed over 200 songs

- played and toured all over the US and Canada with various bands

- released 6 full-length Albums, 2 EPs, and multiple Singles, all Self-Produced

- led worship and served on worship teams in over 10 churches

- played piano, bass, drums, guitar, organ, keyboards, strings, synth, horns, and vocals in sessions work

- created numerous string and vocal arrangements for songs he's produced

Brent is a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association

You will be in very good hands with Brent at BackBeat Sound Design



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